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Time For Money

Book your spare time. Sell customer-direct. Be someone's Hero.

This is a project dedicated to people seeking more visibility in their professional fields, but who lack a tool to directly market themselves. neüworkcity is a platform for everyone from top experts to eager students where skills are exchanged for reward and reputation. The goal of this project is to inspire values for quality and locality as well as to improve access to talent — for everyone.

By sharing access to each other we also share resources more efficiently. We are currently seeking crowd funding to achieve this vision.

"Time is really the only capital that any human being has and the thing that he can least afford to waste or lose..."
— Thomas Edison

A Storefront for Time

As labor markets continue to migrate into more and more specialized territories and automation displaces many from familiar positions, the ability to directly market skills has simultaneously never been more possible.  If only there was a bridge which connects people to opportunity… neüworkcity is a storefront-community designed to match niche and granular markets with heroes based on availability location and rating; a matchmaker for your spare time.


Describe the task you need a hero for — where and when.
Set your budget and post your project.
Get matched with candidates.


Share your skills and calendar.
Get proposals automatically.
Book your spare time.

Become someone’s hero.

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Help us create a storefront for spare time.

Life's Most Valuable Commodity is Time

Share your skills and availability and let opportunity find you.


Own Your Time.
Change the World.

Decentralize Labour Markets

This project requires $50,000 to get the ball rolling. Together we can do anything. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about latest developments — with your help we can accommodate time ownership.


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